Blowing the budget at Ken's Artisan Pizza

We realized that we blew the budget in many areas the very first month....Maybe we went to the extreme with the planning. I am well known to go overboard. Can Kim cook every night? I think not. Can she cook 6 days a week? That also seems to be pushing it. The budget was blown on housewares (thanks to a dead vacuum), pets (thanks to an dead hamster), and vacation (thanks to Mickey Mouse). So we decided to go ahead and eat the pizza tonight. Was it worth 60$? You bet. While waiting for the pizza, Sam wrote his name for the first time, Sharon had to finish my second beer which left her a little giddy on the way home, and we all got our tummies full of yummy food. Carson even found a new food.....If rhubarb crisp qualifies as food.

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Erin said...

Rhubarb crisp qualifies as food...of the gods! With a scoop of vanilla ice cream...yum!