sick day

Is it really possible for a child to be so ill that her Pediatric ICU mother gets nervous enough to take her to urgent care only to find her perfectly fine the next day?  We spent the morning yesterday at the urgent care clinic where Carson had her 3rd day of fever and lethargy.   Her influenza A test came back positive which tells us her mother is bad for not getting her a flu shot.  Her chest x-ray was fine even though she sounded like she had pneumonia.  She took a four hour nap yesterday and we prepared ourselves for a few days of movies and popsicles.   She woke up her usual chipper and funny girl this morning.  I kept her home to make sure, but she hasn't complained all day.  So, I had to fill the day with activities.  She and Sam are working on a Plaster volcano.  We are waiting for Mama Share to come home to do the lava.  Pictures to follow.  In the meantime, here is Lulu lounging around Carson.  Seems that she knows Carson is sick and follows her around.  Very sweet.   Also a picture of my new vacuum.  Funny that we sold the scooter only to have our old vacuum break for the final time that very same week.  I can't BELIEVE vacuums cost so much!!!  You can't even ride around on it!

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Erin said...

Glad to hear Carson is better :-) My hubby is an ER doc, and you wouldn't believe how much his threshold has changed since we had kids. I came back from our family trip to Disneyland with a 104 fever...nothing. The kids have 1 day of fever and he is a maniac!
On the vacuum front - for the price, they should be jewel-encrusted! I'm thinking of putting ours on a pedestal in the living room.