Stop the car.... It's a free box!

As you all know, Portland is known for weirdness. That's why I fit in so well. (I would insert a big smiley face icon here but I hate them). From freaky tall bikes (see above), some of which are covered in faux fur to the small plastic horses on the old horse rings still on the sidewalks. Carson loves the "free box" thing. When people don't want something anymore, they put it in a box labeled "FREE". Carson and Sam have been known to demand me to stop the car so they can look through a free box. They have found many a treasure in the free boxes in our neighborhood. Carson found a giant wooden African Goddess head statue which has a prime spot on her special thing shelf. Sam found a handmade paper tree topper? shaped as an angel which has mysteriously (hint hint) disappeared. I love these old Real Estate paper boxes which someone has turned into free boxes. They are all painted up. I saw an old pair of shoes in one. There was a can of sunkist soda in another.... I will be taking pictures of the boxes when I stumble on one. Here is one example.

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