She finally made her Æbleskivers!

Well, thank god Sharon finally got her aebelskiver pan. She has been talking about it for over a month. Her childhood friend, Erin's,  mother used to make them for sleepovers and sometime around Christmas she started thinking about them......Obsessing about them, really. So, she ordered the pan. This morning she made the kids Aebelskivers.   They are a traditional Danish pastry (puffy pancake) which are usually served with a spoonful of jam in the middle.  For the first try, Sharon used a pancake mix and made them plain.  You can't get too crazy with a 3 and 7 year old.  They gobbled them right up. 

I am sad to report (Norma) that the biggest Pyrex yellow nesting bowl belonging to Grandma Nina broke this morning.   Sharon was taking it out of the cabinet and crash..... It amazes me that something can be so old and used for so long and then we get our hands on it and break it, scratch it, dent it, etc.   I wonder how many breakfasts of pancakes or eggs where whipped up in that bowl?  How many batches of cookies or cakes were baked from that bowl?   Maybe that bowl just didn't want to be used for fancy aebelskivers.   How many times do you think that bowl got packed away in a box and moved?   I am sure in my thrifting and vintage store shopping I will come across another one and replace it, but we will know that it isn't Nina's bowl.     


Norma said...

Don't worry about it; these things happen. Grandma Nina would be so pleased that the bowl was being used.

Erin said...

I'm finally getting to catch up on my Dody Roll reading...and I am thrilled to see that Sharon has acquired an aebleskiver pan! I was eyeing the one in the Williams-Sonoma catalog and thinking I should send it to Portland! It's so funny that it became such a "thing" at our sleepovers...seeing as none of us are Danish! Sharon...you have to graduate up to the jam filling now. Kim...if she starts trying to get you to eat entire bowls of chocolate chip cookie dough (yes, we did this)...she's getting over the top on the nostalgia! Another sleepover fave: waffles topped with ice-cream and strawberries...or with bacon cooked inside them! Yum.