Adventures with Sam, the wonderkid

Yesterday Sam and I went to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and hiked around Reed college. The Rhodies were gorgeous and the weather was better. We saw Canadian geese with new babies and tons of flowers.
Today we went to the Audubon Society and hiked around there (Forest Park). We hung out by a little lake and saw a family of Mallard ducks ~mom, dad, and 9 babies. We thought it was so cute that the babies would hop up onto the Lilly pads and sit when they got tired. Sam loved squishing through the mud and looking for bugs. We went to find bugs, but only really saw a few bumble bees and ducks. We did see an awesome salamander in the pond, too. Sam was completely creeped out by the taxidermy in the Audubon house. They have bald eagles, beavers, bobcats, and lots of various small animals and birds. He wanted to know where there guts were. He kept asking if the eyes were marble replacements then did someone cut out their eyes???? He said that would give him nightmares if he had to cut animal eyes out. He got to lead the way and pick the path which made him quite pleased with himself.


Norma said...

That's our Sam; a wonderkid for sure. Beautiful pictures, great stories, wonderful memories!

Lenora said...

I really love that first picture. It looks like the beginning of a story about a little boy's adventure.