Sam at the Forestry Center

Sad to say, the Forestry Center Lift is not working due to the economy. I am sure it is expensive to pay the insurance on it and since there was only one other family there the whole time Sam and I were there.........That can't be good. This has been a really good place to go when the weather is bad and OMSI or Children's Museum are packed with every family in town. There are so many fun things to do there. The facility is beautiful and the displays are just about the right size (not to big). We can pretend to ride on a real white water raft with life jackets and all (except for the water), climb on a real tree cutting machine, sit in a real smoke jumper parachute seat and guide it over a virtual landing zone, sit in a real African Safari jeep, ride a pretend train in Russia, sit on a boat in China, and get in a tree cage in South America. Then there is the exhibit side which is ever changing. It would be sad for this museum to go under. Sam had fun there today. I don't think he has ever been there without his big sister to tell him what to do. We did everything at Sam (snail's) speed.


Lenora said...

Such a cute boy and he's looking so grown up!

It's a shame what the economy is doing to places like these.

Norma said...

Gpa and I laughed out loud when we saw the first picture! Sam is a lucky boy to be able to go to the museum with his MommyKim and (sometimes) no Big Sister.