Gramma Judy was here for the celebration.

Gramma Judy came all the way across the country for Sam's Birthday Party. WAHOO! The weather cleared up for just enough time to celebrate Sam's 4th with a B-earth-day party. The earth cake was hilarious. It was a joint project with mom, me, and Carson. Sharon stayed far away from it. Although she did hold it on her lap in the car and keep it from rolling away. The kids planted little Trees in a Box, cracked their own geodes and did leaf rubbings. Carson was in charge of the "activities" and did a great job with the 8 four-year-olds. She said, "mom, they aren't listening......I should talk louder". And with that........she was large and in charge. We skipped the Rose Festival Parade and went to the Columbia Gorge instead to see Multnomah Falls. Carson and Sam were so glad to show Gramma a banana slug they found and then we went to the Bonneville Dam to see the fish ladder.

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Lenora said...

These posts make me wish I lived closer; I would have loved to be there for the big event!