A visit from the Jacksonville crew.

Wow. I am so far behind. We have been so busy this month. Sharon's brother and family came to P-town for a visit. The week before they were here was a 100+ degree heat wave and then while they were here it was really cool. It even rained.......Now I hear that another heat wave is on the way. We took a trip to Silver Falls and hiked down under a couple of falls. Carson and Sam had so much fun hanging out with Brent and Kenz. It is so fun to get attention from an older cool cousin.
The picture of the hole is the formation that was made from Lava flowing around the trees. The lava hardened and then the trees died and created this hole with fossil like bark imprints inside. Really neat. They are called tree casts.

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Norma said...

You're right, it was fun! Walking behind that waterfall was pretty amazing! And great to see big kids and little kids having fun together.