Hood River and Beacon Rock

It was a gorgeous fall Oregon day and we drove to Hood River in the Gorge. We went to an organic apple orchard to pick apples with Sam's preschool. We ended up with 20 pounds of cool, crisp, red, Gala apples. I hope to make some apple sauce just like Grandma Eloise used to make. We ran into a friend of mine from work and her 2 year old and new baby and Sam's friend Manu was there.
On the drive home we decided to drive back on the Washington side of the Columbia River through the Gorge. We stopped at a state park called Beacon Rock and started on a hike. Little did we know that in an hour we would be standing on top of the world. About a million switch-backs and 850 feet of climbing put us WAY above the Columbia and the tree line. The trail itself was kind of scary, but the view was amazing.

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Norma said...

Great pictures!! We're looking forward to applesauce.