Merry Christmas from the Dodsters.

The Dody's have been having a wonderful time this holiday. We have been eating and drinking and drinking and eating and drinking. We have been exchanging gifts and playing with new toys. Aunt Lenora came on Christmas Eve. We went to Don and Norma's church for Christmas Eve service. We all cleaned up nicely.

On Christmas morning the kids woke up, came downstairs, and instead of Sam running to see his Santa gifts which were in plain view he went to get his gift he bought for Mama Share. Now, let me tell you, he has been keeping this secret for at least 1 week. It is a wind-up, rolling, pink salt shaker that is a fancy chicken. So, when someone asks for you to pass the salt you just wind it up and roll it across the table. A perfect gift for Share. Then we moved on to the madness of toy opening.

Our kids got no clothes. Seriously, every thing they opened was a fun and clever gift picked out just for them. Carson is especially fond of the 2 boxes of make-up, her new microscope, the bop-it game (which I also am enjoying), and today we are going to tackle the Tic Tac Sudoku game. She will beat us all, I am sure. Sam is extremely delighted with his new scooter, gourd pig bank to add to the bank collection, and animal hospital. I am digging on my new camera, future yoga sessions, and a groovin' coffee table book with b&w Mt. St. Helens photos. Now, I need a coffee table to put it on. Sharon got a cracker dog (a blast from her past), good whiskey, and a flask.

Sharon has been on a much appreciated cooking binge. She made us delish cranberry scones for Christmas morning. We had Christmas dinner at our house and Gma and Gpa came. We even put Gpa to work peeling potatoes! Yesterday Sharon made homemade cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting. Yum. I think she is trying to fatten me up for the winter.

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