House updates

It seems as if my home projects never end.  For the last few weeks I have been prepping and painting my 2nd floor.   The prep and the clean up are so horrible for my ADD personality.  I like to roll the paint on and finish a wall in 10 minutes.  I do not like to fill holes, sand, and cut in.  It has been a test of my strength  to get it right.   We started with the "guest room".   Finishing that lead to my bedroom.  I have had some ideas in mind for the room and finally got it together.  That room is almost done now and I have been working on the playroom (carson picked an awful color blue) and now the hallway upstairs.  I didn't realize how bad it really was until I started covering up the ugly. 

I sent the little door home with my artist friend to paint a tiny mural on.  Commissioned, of course.  I should finish the hall this week and get started on the old family photo collage we are going to do.  Some photos are of our real families and some are well loved instant ancestors from antique stores.

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