Meeting of the minds.

Yesterday I hosted the first of many mother daughter group meetings.     When Carson was a baby, I read and amazing book called The Mother Daughter Group  . The idea is that you form a group of moms and girls when the girls are young and carefree and they develop support systems within the group so that when they become adolescents they have many friends and mothers to confide in and go to for advice and support. 

When we moved to P-town I left behind a huge group of supportive mothers that I depended on EVERY day to help me through the rough spots of motherhood, relationships, my job, etc, etc, etc.  I loved their children like they were my own and felt a huge hole where they had been.    I have been seeking strong supportive women since moving here and on a whim called up Kari and Catherine and asked them what they thought of a committed group of moms and girls that will meet through adolescence.   Both were excited and wanted in.  So each of them invited a mom/girl they knew.  I didn't know the moms or girls that were invited by them which I think makes this even better.
Yesterday we had an ice cream social and the girls did art projects describing themselves.  We had a great time and for two hours the girls played and laughed and so did the moms.  
Next time is swimming and a pizza party and then we plan to do camping, hiking, and volunteer work over the summer.    Here are some photos of all of us and of the meeting.  Yes, I do plan to get my HORRIBLE Dorothy Hamill haircut whacked off this week.

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Norma said...

Good for you for doing this -- it's not always easy to be the one who says "let's do it!" It will be fun to see how the group evolves over the years.