FRIED Chicken Samwiches....EGADS!

As soon as we got the chickens, Grampa started talking about how we could eat them as fried chicken.  Sick, I tell you!  How could one eat that sweet little cooing bird?   We decided it would be alright to eat A chicken, but not OUR chicken.  So, while Carson and Gramma were at a play today, Sharon, Sam, and I took Grampa to Miss Delta's for some good ole comfort food.  We ate jalapeno hush puppies, sweet potato fries,  sweet tea, and yes, a fried chicken sandwich.  Sharon and I opted for the BBQ Tofu Po Boy, and it may have been the best tofu I have ever had.  Probably because it was deep fat fried.   Everyone was stuffed and took half home for later.   I wonder if Gramma will sneak the other half of the sandwich for a midnight snack?

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