The tale of three SAMS.

Actually, there is one Sam with three birthday parties.   Sam  first celebrated early with Maggie and Rowan who share a birthday with him.  We partied with old friends who feel more like family while in Colorado.   Then on the actual birthday we had a dinner and cake celebration with Gma and Gpa Dody.    He still kept asking when his "real" party was going to be so we threw together a partay at Mt. Tabor Park on the only dry day of the week.   Obviously his mommy couldn't pull together a real birthday cake and threw some old plastic sad toys on a chocolate cake for his birthday.  Luckily Mama Share made some delish cupcakes for the kid party.  His friends Manu and Aiden came to Mt. Tabor and then three stranger (gasp) boys joined in for cupcakes and stomp rockets.   The third party was over when Sam and Manu told another boy on the playground that they were going to give him THREE wedgies if he didn't shut up.   Here is a pic from each party...................
pathetic cake by Mommy Kim                                                   Sam at Mt. Tabor with Manu.

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Lenora said...

Now that's the way to do a birthday. I seem to remember having multiple parties when I was a kid. Happy Birthday, Sam!!