long time no see

It has been a long time since the Dodyrollers have had time to blog about life. Our life gets busier and busier and it seems to go faster and faster. Our kids are growing up so fast I can't keep up.
This spring my newest nephew (21 year old Brad) came to visit for a week after he completed Cosmetology school. We had a great time and indulged a little too much whilst he was here.
Gramma Judy came for spring break and we went to Seattle for 5 days. The weather was great and we walked around everyday and found some fun stuff to do.
Ayumi has moved back to Japan and is living with her parents for a few months before she will return to Portland to go to school. She will be living with another family for a while. We have been preparing for my niece to come and live with us for a while. She is coming in June. She has had some trouble in the past and hopefully Portland will provide her some great opportunities to move forward in her life. She will have our family to keep her entertained. Carson and Sam are really excited for her to come. She will take Ayumi's bedroom which Carson has temporarily "taken over".
Plans are in motion for kid camps for the summer. They are gonna have fun!
We are looking forward to Grampa Dody's 80th Birthday party this summer. Sharon's family is coming from all over to celebrate!

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