Going to Haiti!

Well, I did it. I signed the papers and started the fundraising. I am going to Haiti the first week of April to work in the Port Au Prince Hospital. The hospital is open and we won't be working in Mash Tents, but conditions are still extremely bad there. The hospital I am going to is the only trauma/ICU center in the country. I am going with a team of mostly adult practitioners, but they are taking a few pediatric folks. I will be working in the pediatric ICU there with my coworker, Bryan and potentially another coworker and friend, Diana.
I am waiting on a passport. I have a call in to the Kaiser travelers clinic to get my vaccines and anti malarial meds. I will have to take chloroquine to prevent Malaria as well as sleep under netting at night. Some of the side effects are common...headache, nausea, etc. But....nightmares? I hope that side effect stays away.
I am overwhelmed by the support I have received from friends and family. I started a fundraising page and within 24 hours received over 700$ in donations from folks just wanting to help. My trip is fully funded and any extra money can be used to help my coworkers pay for their trips. I received a generous personal donation yesterday to use in anyway that will help which is greatly appreciated.
I am planning to have a donation drive at Richmond Elementary and ask for onesies, thin blankets, colored pencils, lollypops and fun stuff for kids to share with the beautiful people of Haiti. I am hoping that the principal will agree to this and that we can get a suitcase full of love for me to take.

I will keep you all posted.

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