Grandma was here! Grandma was here!

Grandma was here and so was the cold arctic blast. The kids each got a day with Grandma Judy while the other one went to school and then we spent a day all together. We packed a lot into a three day visit. Mom got to eat Ken's Artisan Pizza (yummy), we went Christmas shopping, we went to Pittock Mansion, we went on the Christmas Tree Train in the freezing cold snow-rain, and trimmed the tree. We drove an hour in the snow into Washington to ride the train with Don and Norma. We rode in the caboose which was rustic, to say the least. Santa was waiting in the woods (that sounds scary) to see all the children on the train. The kids got to sit on his lap and get a toy. We were under a roof to keep dry, but the plastic sheeting around Santa was CLASSIC. We picked out a tree and lugged it onto the top of the rented minivan. I opted not to post the picture of Sharon yelling and pointing at me while we were trying to tie the tree down. Then we took it home and trimmed it up!! Beautiful. Grandma left for the airport Sunday morning and safely made it out of town before the STORM OF THE CENTURY hit. Wow. A whole 3 inches. I listened to the nurses and doctors at work freaking out about getting home. The whole town is in a panic. I drove right home with no problems. Too bad all those people opted to sleep in hospital rooms!!

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