The making of the Barbie Cake (Warning: Nude Barbie photos)

Well, here she is. I was so excited when I got home from work and Sharon had successfully baked the cakes and removed them from the pan with no holes!! We let them cool overnight and this morning we iced the cake. Barbie seems to have grown since the recipe for the cake was developed since her legs were about 3 inches too long. We had to think fast....Amputate or duct tape? Since the party is for elementary school kids, we opted for the latter. We iced her up and TA-DA. She is ready for the party. We decided to take the pictures of her now, since we may slip and fall on the ice and drop her on the way to the party. We still haven't decided where Barbie will sit in the car. This is the most collaborative project Sharon and I have worked on since we built all that IKEA furniture in the dining room!


Norma said...

I love the "in process" pictures; somehow that adds to the appreciation of the final result! What a beauty! what a lucky girl!

madge said...

A true work of art and devotion. I was glad you added the lovely frosting so she wouldn't appear topless.