Change IS coming.

It happened. Carson is officially a big kid. We cleaned her room today and she decided to send all of her dress up clothes to Maggie and Rowan. Everything that was dress up, princess-like, even her Fairytopia Barbies are packed in a huge box and going back to Denver. She had a huge clear canister of "little things"~wind-up toys, rubber bugs, little people, etc. which she handed over to her little brother. She didn't even open it to pick out a few favorites. I realize this means I have to start treating her more like the big kid that she is. WOW! I even cried a little. But not as much as Rachel will when she gets that huge box of frilly sparkly pink!

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Norma said...

Wow indeed!! I knew she was growing up, but this is HUGE. Just don't let Sam grow up too fast, OK?