Inauguration Day is here!

I kept Carson home to watch the inauguration this morning since I wasn't sure she would see it at school. I love that she has no idea how historic this is. She knows it is a big deal because we told her, but the Obama's are just another family with little girls to her. She told me about learning the story of MLK Jr. at school and really can't believe that segregation could have been possible. I really think that kids today appreciate that people come from different places and have different shades of skin. If you are good, then you are good. Period! End of story. So on that note......

(she made flags for all of us to wave)

"George Bush meant to do the right thing, but it wasn't right for us. He meant well".

"She (Laura Bush) really does look like grandma judy".

Re: GHWB: "Is he a little bit better than his son"?

"MLK Jr.'s dream really did come true on the day after his birthday many many many (i lost count of the many's) years later.

Re: Michelle Obama's mother living in the white house. "It must be fun to have your grandma live with you".

And my favorite! During Rick Warren's invocation he said something regarding Goodwill to all. Carson kept giggling and saying, "Goodwill, like the store". "That is so funny he said Goodwill".


"When I grow up I want to be Barack Obama"!

"She looks like a diamond ring". (Michelle Obama)

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Norma said...

My favorite Carson quote that you forgot to mention: "George Bush and Barack Obama together. That can't be good."