The Sick House

Carson, Sam, and I all have Strep Throat. Yuck. Sam and I are staying in today and "resting". Actually, I am plopping him down in front of the TV and using it as a babysitter. I am sure his eyes will be permanently crossed by the end of the morning. Luckily, Carson started her antibiotic on Monday and she can go to school. She is feeling much better than she was. Yesterday I cleaned the whole house with clorox and clorox wipes. EVERYTHING got wiped down. Sam hates the bubblegum flavored meds and really puts up a fight. He now gets a temporary tattoo for every dose. 17 more doses to go. We are working on a tattoo sleeve for him so he can be just like mommy. He wanted to know if there were any temporary tattoos of a big snail.
Sharon is feeling healthy and fine.....figures. Last night I actually told her that I hope she gets sick. Does that make me mean?

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