I will not be a food snob anymore

My recent realization that we spent enough money on food last year to feed a small village has changed my ways. I will not be a grocery store food snob anymore. I have found WinCo (which I was calling Wilco until Sharon told me that was a band). It is an employee-owned discount food store. Ok, I thought it would be a mix between Big Lots and Warehouse Groceries (a store in my hometown that just cracked open the cases and you priced your own food with a China Marker). And, well, it was. No frills. No feelgood displays. But, the prices were cheap and they had all the stuff I like. I really haven't ever been to a store that sold "Orange Drink Powder" (i.e. generic Tang) in bulk. Until today. There was even a sign that said "no sampling". Really, you have to tell people that? Also there was a huge selection of coco butter lotion in 6 gallon containers for like 0.99$ Whoa? So, I packed my buggy full of my regular food. Newman's sauce, organic veggies, juice boxes, and even Shredded Wheat for cheap. My final bill was 112.00$. I drew the line at buying wine there. I just couldn't bring home wine in a box.

P.S. The place was hopping with people. I imagine they are doing great these days.

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