Here Ye, Here Ye ~ I have given up shopping.

I have given up Starbucks.
I have nearly given up Whole Foods.
I have given up fabric stores.
I have given up thrifting (which I could have withdrawl symptoms from).
I have given up Gap Kids. GASP!
I have given up Powell's Bookstore. (For now). I will only spend the money they give me for selling back the books I already paid them for.
I have given up shoe shopping.
I have given up 70$ dinners out with the fam (until summer).

We are members of the "Sunnyside Swap Shop" where my kids can swap movies, books, toys.
I am planning a book swap at Carson's school.
My friend is hosting a clothing swap.
I joined the PDXSwap where women exchange clothes with each other (their own size).

Thank god I hit the Macy's last weekend for a to die for leather bag from Lucky. And, thank god I found an awesome Tokidoki bag stashed in my closet I forgot I bought.


Norma said...

Wow -- Starbucks, cold turkey.

Sharon said...

What about the donuts? Everyone deserves donuts, right?