The look of Guilt

How am I supposed to be a budget gourmet?  I was doing so good.  I planned for dinner and even started to marinate the yummy spicy cumin tofu.  Then, out of nowhere, there was a cry of emergency (Sam couldn't find the right color marker).  Seriously, he said it was an emergency and I thought that the cat had eaten the hamster or something.   I left the kitchen for 1 minute and came back to a half eaten cake of local organic tofu on the floor and a very guilty looking dog.   What kind of dog eats tofu?  Well, it's back to the drawing board for dinner.  Any suggestions?


Norma said...

Scott says that's what you get for not having steak!

Erin said...

Was Lulu "fragrant" later? We had an Akita (named, oddly, Sweet Potato) snag entire pound of Brie off the kitchen counter once...she had to stay outside for 24 hours!