I need a money tree seedling! Got one?

Now Sharon and I have never been ones to actually budget our money. We just get paid, then pay bills, and then spend what is left on our house or stuff we don't need or ......food? We had a bit of a scare from a friend/accountant who was working on our taxes. We have lots of options seeing that we can't actually get married, so we like to take full advantage of the disadvantage we have. Mary called to tell us we actually owed money which scared the bejesus out of me since I planned the impromptu Disney trip and was actually banking on the tax return. Then, she called to tell us she made a big mistake and yes, we can still go to Disney. We do not, in fact, owe any money. Whoops, that's embarrassing. Sharon, the PROJECT MANAGER, can't seem to pull it together to work on a budget so I decided that this year we should at least be aware of where our money goes.

Ok- the first step is to acknowledge you have a problem....So......
last year we spent:

800$ at Starbucks* (That is ridiculous considering we make 2 pots of coffee every morning)
7,000$ eating out.
12,000$ on groceries- the majority at Whole Foods which we seem to go to every other day for 1-2 items and end up spending 75$.

No wonder I can't lose that 10 pounds! The most disturbing part is that our children don't eat. They pick at things and eat mostly macaroni & cheese and PB&J. And we aren't chefs. We don't cook fancy schmancy meals. We don't even buy meat. Certainly you can't spend that much on vegetables and tofu, right?

LOOK OUT! The budget gourmet MOM team has just arrived!

*Note that there is a Starbucks in the lobby of my hospital and I work 12 hour shifts.


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Erin said...

Kim...I would consider the Starbucks "medicinal" when at work :-)