Sam's "Collections"

ok, so the first picture is how sam arranged his little toys and knickknacks on the Dining Room window sill, which is right at the level of our large dog's tail....hhmmm. That is frustrating to an almost 4 year old. The second picture is about half of his bank collection. The funny thing is~ we hand him our change or he finds it and puts it in his bank and I bet he has quite a lot in there. The last pic. is of his drawer. It is filled full of junk toys (yes, that's a small princess doll who is bald?????)and bizarre "collectibles". There are three empty M&M bags in there that he has flattened and kept. I think my goal is to clean their room this weekend. Oh that's right......I have to work. That will be my goal for Sharon.

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Lenora said...

Love the collections! Such a cutie, that Sam.