Happy Birthday Jeff!

Look how cute we are. Very 70s.

Ann Ann, Braden, and Jeff on Grandma Shaffer's back porch.

Once little Kim was here.....it was all over for those boys' cuteness.

I don't know where this was. Maybe they will remember.

Jeff at Grandma Shaffer's house. Why is he standing on that chair?

Jeff, me, and Steve in the old Den.

Jeff eating Jiffy steaks (remember the ones with the butter pat on top!) at Grandma's. Jeff, what's wrong with your eyes?

The Army will do a boy good!

Jeff comes home for a visit. And he is so handsome and studly.

Steve and Jeff and Uncle Owen. Oh, wait is that Denny and Doug? I do see the family resemblance. It's hard to tell.


steve said...

I wonder if Jeff still secretly sports those shoes and socks, in the pic with Ann, when he is lounging around the house?

Jeff said...

Nice, but why is Steve touching me like that??

The Dodsters said...

eeewww. I wonder if they posed Steve or if that was a natural hand position. That is kind of creepy.

The Dodsters said...

Don't worry Steve. Being the first child, you have way more photos. Your time is coming.

steve said...

I think I was having a reaction to those long-sleeve;polyester,turtleneck sweaters that Mom made us wear!

steve said...

This is Amie but I would like to point out that Steve was still sporting the same 1980's wolfman hair do (the picture on the couch in the den) last year !!!