Summer Teaser.

The most beautiful weekend in the PNW so far this year. We spent most of the day outside soaking up the sun and trying to get our Vit. D that is in such short supply here. It was 80+ degrees today and Carson and her BFF spent the day trying to get away from "the little brother" and trying to convince him that mud is made of chocolate. He decided that it isn't, but it didn't taste too bad if you add more water. Sharon and I dug up a huge mound of dirt for the garden and took the kids to a Pirate Treasure Hunt with the "pirates". Probably not the best time to glorify a pirate, eh? Carson was full of Booty knowledge. Then the girls and Sam played in the sprinkler. We ate dinner outside and now Sharon and the kids are making a fire in the fire pit. Too bad the ants got to our bag of Marshmallows. I think this weekend is my promise that the rain really does go away. Even the animals were out soaking up the sun. Mr. Bluebird was on our back fence.


Lenora said...

I wish I had that sprinkler! It was hot in my new place yesterday and unfortunately, it's just as hot today.

Norma said...

Love Mr. Bluebird -- that's a great picture!