Ahhhh.....the pollen.

The blooming trees are everywhere. These trees have been soaking up water for months and now have been soaking up sun. They are pink. They are white. They are gorgeous. And they are full of pollen! There was a light green dusting all over my car this afternoon when I picked up Carson at school. There are 4 pink trees are in front of her school and I missed a photo of them last year. They are like pink fluffy clouds. Eventually, it looks like they cover the ground with pink snow. The school is working on the entryway to the school. They are working on some Japanese gardens. It is looking really nice.

We took Lulu for a walk to Buckman and let her chase balls in the field. Carson made clover necklaces for all of us and a crown for Lu. We are thinking about having her take an obedience class with Lu to learn some commands. Now they are breaking down while Sharon is getting them ready for bed. I guess everyone is tired! Especially Lulu.

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