Corn De-cobber

We started off today with a great idea to go to Milwaukie (OR) and eat breakfast at Bob's Mill store and restaurant then go to Dave's Killer Seed Bread store. I had BOGO coupons for the Dave's Bread store and breakfast. We got lost driving there and then found it 1/2 hour before they opened. So we waited. Turns out Dave's was BOGO anyway today so I got four loaves of bread. Of course, I read the hours for Bob's wrong and they were closed........Came back to Portland for lunch on Hawthorne at the old stand-by. Shopped for produce and spices at Sheridan Fruit Company and then home to cook a yummy dinner (actually, Sharon is cooking). She is making a yummy looking roasted corn, onion, and chili salad and veggie pesto BLTs. Conveniently, SOMEONE gave me a corn de-cobber for just this occasion.


Norma said...

Yes, aren't you fortunate that SOMEONE gave you that handy corn de-cobber (and that the cook didn't cut the end off of her finger with it.) She can't be trusted with sharp objects, you know.

Sharon said...

i used it again today for the corn chowder. very handy. do you have one?

Norma said...

No, I don't have one. (I only buy things like that for other people.) Maybe SOMEONE will take pity and buy one for me.