Those smiles are all fake!!!!

Finally made it to see the Vaux's Swifts at Chapman Elementary. We watched THOUSANDS of the little birds funnel into the school chimney while we were sitting on the HARD HARD ground. We kept thinking the last of them had surely come when another huge group would fly in. Finally, at the very end, the Cooper's Hawk swooped in for a kill. Sam asked....."Why would a bird eat a bird"? Which I thought was a very good question. I have a bunch of pictures of the "serious" Dodys, and then came across this one. I think you were faking for me. Did you drink the smile juice or something?

"Swifts are insect eating birds that migrate south each fall. At sunset during migration they choose a place where dozens to thousands of birds can roost. Since the late 1980’s the Chapman chimney has been one of these roosting sites".


Sharon said...

I'm sure we were just delighted to be in your company, dear.

Norma said...

Well, it is pretty amazing, you've got to admit -- and we WERE in good company.