I am feeling so sad for a friend today. Last year, after much unhappiness in her personal life, she met a wonderful man, Dave, who changed her life. He introduced her to a whole new world of kayaking and outdoor adventures. She glowed and shined when she talked of him. They talked of traveling the world together and doing the volunteer work in Peru that was so important to her. He even went on a mission trip with her and helped the local Peruvians build a water system in their village to have clean water while she worked in the hospital with the open heart surgery children. Last week while he was sea kayaking, he overturned in a friends kayak and couldn't get the skirt off the kayak. He died in less than 2 minutes.

My work in the Pediatric ICU and tragedies like this make it all too real to me that your life can change in an instant. Make sure you love your people every day.

Today I hope my friend can find peace.


Mary said...

having spent many days/nights/months (a lifetime) in the Pediatric Surgical heart unit and then the Ped ICU I can fully understand your feeling. Nurses that put themselves and their hearts on the line for critically/chronically ill children are special and are my favorite people in the world.

The Dodsters said...

that's nice to hear. I worked for a few years in the Pediatric Cardiac ICU as well and those kids are all near and dear to me. It is an extremely stressful place to be. I can't imagine being on the other side of the situation.