It's early morning...the quiet before the storm

The slumber party was successful so far. 8 girls in all. 2 left at 9PM last night and one changed her mind about staying and went at around 10PM, but her parents were impressed that she even put on her pjs. There was beads, cootie catchers, dancing, singing, and a lot of unnecessary loud noises. They ate pizza, cake, root beer floats. The worst thing they did was smash their face in the cake... Riley really got into this activity. They thought this was so bad. They played with baby dolls ( this was so cute). At one point, the ones who could play piano were taking turns playing their favorite songs. I realized that I really like Carson and her friends and their families.

The makeup came out at some point and Lilly said, "My mom doesn't like it when I wear make-up ", and she went to play something else. In the end, she succumbed to the power of really bad blue eyeshadow applied by another 8 year old. HILARIOUS! I felt really guilty when her mother came to pick her up and she looked a bit like a..... Well, I will just leave it at that.

Then they had to decide where to sleep. EVERYONE wanted to sleep by/with the birthday girl. There was pouting and whining about it, but in the end they worked it out themselves. I took Sam to bed at 11 and I heard Sharon trying to get Carson to calm down at midnight.

Sharon was in the bathroom while one girl was brushing her teeth and she (Simone) said, "SOME people are so annoying". This was my favorite quote from the whole evening.

Meredith got the evening off from work and came over. The kids loved her, of course. Carson admitted that Meredith's gift was the "most fabulous". A hand knit fluffy scarf, a shell box, a small vial of real perfume (her first), and a card that sang....."Lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evening, lookin' for some hot stuff baby tonight". I love that one of the girls said, "Inappropriate". Probably Simone, who is very wise.

Sharon is planning on getting up and making the girls Æbleskivers which her friend's mom made after sleepovers. (Remember, she HAD to have that special pan). Siri, whose dad is from some Scandinavian country, was the only one who knows what they are and Sharon was excited about that.

I don't know what time the girls will wake up, but I have now had my coffee and I am ready for them!

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Norma said...

Great pictures -- sounds like lots of fun and good memories for all.