This was our first day together with the chickens.  We wanted to get them out and clip their wings so they can't fly over the fence and escape.  So, we went out this morning and opened the doors to the tractor but they wouldn't come out.   We waited and waited and finally lured them out with big, fat, slimy earthworms.  Then of course, we couldn't catch them.  Momma Share mastered the art of catching a chicken in no time.  We caught each one and held it.  They each got their wings clipped.  We are turning into quite the backyard farmers. 
My favorite is Sam's (Spidey-Worm) with the green feet.  I am sure it is a rooster which is upsetting because if it is, he will have to go.  NO Roosters in the city.  People tell me the only way to tell is if it starts to cocka-doodle-do.  We moved the tractor and raked up the poop for the composter.   Yummy.  Chicken shit.     They got to "free-range" for a couple of hours today and seemed to really like the garden area even though it is just dirt and weeds still.  I am sure they will be interested in vegetables soon
  I knew I named biddy correctly.  She is a little testy and really wants her own way. 

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