Cat, meet chickens. Chickens, meet cat.

Oh no.  I am wondering what I have done.   Yesterday was the first day with the chickens.  It was a great morning.  Sam and I went out and fed them and talked to them.  I realized that they really poop alot in 12 hours!   I decided to get Biddy out and hold her and feed her from my hands.  I hear you should handle them a lot.  So I opened the door and waited.  Here she comes.  Grab her.   Oops, I missed.   There she goes.   Sam and I chased that chicken for a half an hour.  She was fast and curious.  I finally called Sharon (who laughed at me) in a panic.   As I was standing there feeling failed, the chicken came and sat down right under my legs.   I GOT HER!   Phew.    So Sam and I put her back in the coop and did the high  5.

Later, Sam let the cat into the yard.  Maggie was over checking out the chickens.  The neighborhood kids were screaming and wanting in to see them and the cat started pacing on the fence.  Carson's big chicken saw the cat and started squawking.   I don't mean she was clucking.  She was screaming.  It was the most horrifying sound I have ever heard.  We finally got the cat inside and the chicken stayed on her perch branch for the rest of the evening on the lookout.   She really is the Boss Hen. 

All night I kept asking Sharon, "What have I done? I am not a chicken farmer!"   And after tossing and turning all night long with worry about the chickens,  they are safe and snug and still sleeping this morning.  

It is a new day on my backyard farm.

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Norma said...

What a photo op -- Sam and Kim chasing chickens around the yard -- and no one was there with a camera!