And I shall name her Biddy Hen.

My chicken tractor was delivered by my friend, farmer Sam, today.  My Sam and I went out and did our final preparations for the chickens.  I got them chicken mash to eat, pine shavings to sleep on, and a galvanized water fountain.   Our friends live on a "farm" in Washington and have offered to share their pullets!  They are 5 weeks old and ready to go outside.    I am getting a Cuckoo Maran!!!  We are also getting a Wyandotte and an Americauna.  Carson's only request is for hers to be black and shiny.   HMMMM??   I took Sharon to the urban feed store and showed her the adorable little chicks.  How could she resist?   I don't think she knows that ours will have feathers not fluff.
 This is the Chicken Tractor.  I will take suggestions for how to paint it. 

Sam is well versed in chickens as he has chickens at school.  He is hoping to feed his many spiders and worms because he knows they are a favorite treat.    I will post pictures of our very own chickens as soon as we bring them home.
A pair of Marans

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