The Chickens are here.

We drove to Washougal, Washington last night to the Corbitt's house to get the chickens.  I cooked dinner and dessert in exchange for some chickens.  Good trade, I think.  I was shocked to see how many chickens, roosters, and turkeys they had.  There was a tom turkey that was REALLY talkative.  
We knew we didn't want brooder chicks that we had to keep under a light, so we went for the adolescents.   Carson picked out a 5 month old Black Gold Americauna who she initially was going to name Shimmer but soon decided that Boss Hen would be more appropriate.  Her chicken will rule the roost and lay before the other 2.   Sam picked out a Delaware hen (we hope it isn't a rooster).   She is white with brown feathers and she puffs her neck feathers out.  Her legs are greenish and she should lay green eggs.  Sam named her Spidey-Worm.    I chose a speckled Maran who will lay dark maroon eggs.   I named her Biddy.    We brought them home in the dark and put them in their tractor last night.  I had terrible premonitions of raccoons getting them their first night here.
Boss Hen

Biddy Hen

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Norma said...

These are great looking birds, but what . . . no chicken for MommaShare?