50% chance of rain

That means 50% of no rain, so you have to go for it.  We had gorgeous weather and views in Astoria yesterday.  The last time we went to Astoria with no plans, we didn't see anything but the bridge.  Many people told us to "Give Astoria a Chance".    So, we did some planning and had a great time there.  

We hit the Maritime Museum which was surprisingly fun.  We did the museum and then went on a tour of an old Coast Guard Ship.   We learned a lot about the Columbia River Bar (otherwise known as Graveyard of the Pacific......) and how treacherous it  is to maneuver in a ship.   We took the cute little trolley up and down the riverfront.   The kids hit and AWESOME comic book store there and got some fun reading material which they devoured on the whole car ride home.  Carson and Sharon climbed the Astoria Tower for some awesome 360 degree views.  Last on the agenda was a stop in Seaside at the most awesome candy store.  We spent 30$ on candy before playing on the beach for an hour or so.    Spring Break fun!

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