The Great Wolf Lodge = The Super WalMart of waterparks

I couldn't believe it.  I packed up my kids and drove north.   97 miles from Portland was the exit for Great Wolf Lodge.  Seriously, it was an exit on the highway.  There was, however, a Dairy Queen right across the road.  We spent the next 36 hours locked away inside this "resort" where anything you wanted could be purchased with the scan of the wristband (i.e. mark of the beast).  You couldn't believe this place even if you had seen it.  There was a wave pool, an obstacle course pool, a kiddie pool, a huge play area where you got massive amounts of water dumped on you every 5 minutes, hot tubs, water slides, corn dogs, nachos, and beer.   For those few hours, we were living the American Dream. 

There we were....Three moms and six kids.  So while two moms were trying to get some fun in on the grown up water slides, the third mom was trying to maneuver with 6 kids under the age of 8.  Wow.  I do have to say that the big water slide was the most fun I have had in a long time.  The adrenaline rush was just right.   I was only a little shaky when it was over.  

Then there were the wands.   Jesus, the wands!   So you buy these wands (with your wristband) and go on a quest.   Really,  they are more for older kids, but who cares if you can read the directions?   You aim them and wave them at things and they light up and talk and move.   Kinda reminded me of the old time shot gun games that you played at amusement parks, only futuristic.

Just when I couldn't take one more minute.....we were gone.  

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