Today my mom sent me a box of things from my Gramma Eloise's house.   I got her favorite sweater....a white cardigan with butterflies all over it.   It still smelled like her.   The kids were so excited to play in the big bag of gramma's jewelry.   Many of the pieces I remember from my own childhood.  In a time where everything seems so disposable, it seems so noble to buy what you like and then actually keep it forever.   While she never really had any expensive pieces of jewelry, she always looked like a million bucks when she left the house.  She was never without her coral lipstick and her clip on earrings.  Usually she had some sort of a fancy pin on (butterflies were her favorite).  
I remember her for her bowling league,  Friday night Moose Lodge dinners,  her amazing pie baking talents, her canned green beans and applesauce were like no other, her open toed high heeled sandals for every occasion including mowing the lawn and weeding the  garden, her amazing bee hive hair do which I used to go with her to get set weekly at Elsie's salon.  
She walked to my house to babysit me when I was little and then finally got a drivers license sometime after I was born.  Her first car was a Ford Pinto with a little round porthole window that she swore was the easiest car to make the turn from Crematory Hill to Hampton Road.  

It's so hard to believe that both of my grandmothers are gone.  It is also unbelievable that I was lucky enough to have them for so long in my life.  They lived long enough to meet my children.  Here they are in the jewelry. 


Lenora said...

The kids look beyootiful!! I'm sorry about your Grandma but you're right, you are lucky to have had her for as long as you did. I lost my last grandparent (Grandma Monninger) when I was in high school and I still miss her.

Norma said...

Lovely memories; thanks for sharing them. I have special grandparent memories, too.